Limit the impact of critical incidents through effective planning and automation of multi-channel communications

Managing Incident Communications

Discover how boomAlert can help your business.

Customise workflows to manage any type of incident and tailor communication preferences to needs of your organisation.


Business continuity

Send time-critical messages out to a workforce, utilising all messaging media, to inform staff of restrictions or changes to a working environment. Be it a flood, fire or traffic incident, preventing normal work, with boomAlert, every member of staff can be warned and given alternative working arrangements, thus facilitating “business as usual”.


Resource Management

boomAlert can be used to offer job or task opportunities to staff members. Notifications can be sent, replied to and reviewed in a slick and timely manner.


IT Service management

With its ability to escalate alerts and incidents, boomAlert can be used to monitor 3rd party SLAs. Warnings of service outages can be triggered automatically to engineers, await confirmation of responses and compile logs of activity. Non responses can be escalated to managers or additional service providers. With everything logged and timed, SLAs can be controlled more tightly than ever before.


Product Recall

With boomAlert, customers can be contacted with information regarding products: allowing customers the opportunity to reply to product recalls and reply with critical information such as serial numbers or serviceability.


Support Request

Using the boomAlert tool as a triage prior to elevating to a Service Desk removes an enormous burden from Service Desk personnel. With the trivial issues being resolved automatically, Help Desk and Service Desk staff can respond quicker and more effectively to the more serious issues.


Customer / staff satisfaction & polling

Design, build send and analyse customer or staff satisfaction surveys with the intuitive boomAlert builder tool. Surveys can be sent en masse or individually triggered by an event.

Simplify business communications with ease.

Our intuitive interface makes communication with your target audience simple and effective.

  • Move from a manual, labour intensive model to automated management of incident communications, reducing overheads.
  • React to critical incidents in minutes instead of hours, reducing resolution timescales and ensuring customer SLAs / ISO 22301 standards are met.
  • Ensure the right person has access to the right information exactly when they need it to improve the efficiency of incident handling.
  • Track the progress of every incident to its natural conclusion and analyse data to help mitigate against recurrent incidents and improve management of future incidents.

boomAlert is the perfect all-round tool for managing critical alerting.

Our multi-purpose communication platform is easily accessible and will help your organisation reduce its administrative burden, increase operational capacity and drive productivity.

Emergency call in for personnel

Emergency call in for personnel

Ideal for short notice alerting of staff in cases of emergency where the need for speed at is greatest.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Maintain staff awareness of disruptions or service outages. Disseminate up-to-date information quickly and simply and maintain staff focus.

Polling campaigns

Polling campaigns

Organisations can canvas staff and measure customer satisfactions or manage their responses.

Inbound Campaigns

Inbound Campaigns

Send messages to staff members and receive confirmation that messages have been received and understood.

Fully scalable, to suit your business.

Greater efficiency
Time & cost saving
Improved productivity

Powered by BoomerangTM Intelligent Messaging

boomAlert is powered by our patented BoomerangTM technology, delivering you a reliable exclusive service

High availability
High availability

We have built a fully redundant messaging platform, removing any single point of failure to ensure that Boomcast is available at those critical times when you need to send messages.

Scalability & Performance
Scalability & Performance

Our messaging gateway automatically scales to meet demand which means that we can cope with sudden spikes in messaging without compromising service performance. The gateway also uses specialist messaging technology allowing us to rapidly process high volumes of message traffic.

A+ message delivery
A+ message delivery

We choose our messaging partners carefully to maintain high quality, end-to-end service delivery. We only work with Tier 1 providers across the world, to ensure that your messages arrive when you need them to, in more than 225 countries around the world. Using high quality routing means that we can also provide you with real-time updates on the status of your messages along with a range of messaging features.

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